Booster Club

Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas to help with all Vocal Music events. If you would like to help in any way, please contact any of the board members (listed below). Assistance is needed in a variety of ways:

  • Planning Team for Show Choir Showcase in December
  • Planning Team for Spartan Spectacular in January
  • Fundraising Team (general committee and organizers for individual events)
  • Volunteers needed at Spartan Spectacular
  • Room parents at show choir competitions

Board Members:


Melissa Abele (


Lisa Kasik (


Jody Olsen (


Jason & Kathy Duhs ( &
Roger & Sara Andersson (assistant treasurers)

Express Rep:

Adeana Friesen (

Elegance Rep:

Amy Newburn (

Elevation Rep:


Member At-Large:

Wanda Wynn

Booster Meeting Minutes