Info & Paperwork

Show Choir 101

While we will not have regular competitions in the 2020-21 season, there are things happening for our choirs. Just as a reminder (or an introduction) for parents with show choir students, we prepared a manual, Show Choir 101. This document has some information in it you might find useful. 

Show Choir 101 Handbook

Sept. 1 Kick-off Meeting

Hello all! What a great turnout Tuesday at our first meeting of the year. We wanted to follow-up on the meeting by providing the slide presentation that was shared and answers to some of the questions that were raised through the evening. Minutes will be posted on the website when they are ready and the powerpoint from the meeting is attached. Below you will find the questions that were asked before & during the meeting and answers to those questions.

In addition to reading through the questions and answers shared below, please make sure that you have completed the following steps:

  1. Read the Constitution (
  2. Sign the Parent-Student Agreement Form (
  3. Student & Parent Fill out the Participation Packet:
  4. Sign Travel Release Form: 2020-2021 Show Choir Travel Release Form
  5. If your student drives, include a copy of a current insurance card
  6. Update your Contact Information:
  7. Let us know about your Volunteer Interests:

One note, we are looking to complete our Booster Board by the next meeting on Oct. 6. Please consider if you would be interested in serving in one of the following roles. Please let me know in the next couple months if this is something you are interested in. If you would like to serve on a committee, be sure to fill out the volunteer interest form.

  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Assistant Fundraising Chair
  • Parent Rep

Show Choir Info Meeting Questions (via Zoom chat)

Q: Will the group be able to get together as a large group at least once a month or once a quarter to sing?

A: During first quarter, that is not looking to be possible based on the requirements put forth by LPS. However, as we are able to get the performers together, we will. Starting second quarter, there will be additional rehearsals outside of class time for Elegance & Express. Current health mandates will dictate how large the group will be. The Elevation rehearsal schedule will be shared later this week.

Q: If the paperwork is emailed, how would you like it returned?

A: We are only able to send out the paperwork by email at this time, we prefer it to be mailed back. However, if you cannot get access to a printer, please contact both directors and we can get them from you digitally.

Q: To clarify, none of the choreo camps are required now?

A: If parents have concerns about Covid-19 and the safety and health of their student, we cannot require their student to attend the outside-of-school rehearsals, which include choreo camp. However, the usual expectations for attendance continue to apply. Work and vacations are not acceptable reasons for students to miss outside-of-school rehearsals (including this week’s Express choreo camp). Most of these dates have been on the calendar since mid-May. At our Show Choir Info Meeting last May, we encouraged families to plan ahead, so students would have no other commitments (outside of athletic practices or games) that would hinder their attendance at choreo camp. Should students be unable to attend choreo camp, they are still expected to notify directors.

Q: Will there be Boot Camp in January?

A: For those who might not know, we have Boot Camp in early January, it is already on the schedule. We do not yet know what requirements will be to maintain health standards. More will come out about that later.

Q: Will there be girls-only choreo dates like there are for boys?

A: The girls song was revealed earlier this week and dates for the girls to learn the music & choreo will be shared in the future.

Q: I had got an email saying I had to fill out the participation packet again because of changed info. I should be good right?

A: If you received an email that you needed to fill out the participation packet again, it is likely because you filled it out before the changes were made regarding Covid-related policies and agreements. If you received an email to fill it out again, you should do so.

Q: Are we getting costumes?

A: We are having costumes this year. Each of the show choirs are putting together a full show choir show, which includes costumes. While competitions are canceled, working together to prepare & perform a show will go on. The costumes may not be as elaborate this year, in attempt to save money for families in a year that has hit many hard.

Q: Where can I find the constitution or other paperwork I need to fill out?

A: All paperwork can be found on our website: On this site you will find the required paperwork, forms to fill out, and the Show Choir 101 Handbook.

Q: We did not receive an email asking us to fill out the participation packet again, but I am sure we turned it in before Jun 15 – should I check to see if I need to do it again, or just go ahead and fill out a new one?

A: You can always just fill out the participation packet again. A duplication does not cause a problem, but not filling it out would result in students not being able to participate.

Q: If we have questions about costume fees (I am sure I paid but it is not noted on synergy) who would I talk to?

A: Please call the office about any discrepancies in your account from what you believe you already paid. The directors will be sending home a report with students that shows how much they have recorded that has been paid. LPS switched payment systems mid-July so that is the cause of a delay in proper recording of fees paid.

Q: If we have already paid the entire $500 costume fee, how will that work?

A: You will need to contact the office about receiving a refund or applying the money paid to a different charge.

Q: Will My SchoolBucks (Synergy) have a ‘bill’ for show choir in it…or how do we select to have the money go to Show choir?

A: You will receive a line in MySchool Bucks that will list the charge for the costume fee as “Vocal Music Uniform.” Currently (at least on my daughter’s account) it shows $300 was due. This amount should be $200.

Q: If someone wants to make a donation to my student, but doesn’t want to buy something, how can they do that?

A: Someone who wants to make a donation to your student’s fees can do so by writing a check to the Vocal Music Boosters or to Lincoln East. When you send the check to school, please let the directors know who the money should be assigned to.

Q: How does a remote learner do fundraising?

A: Remote learners can definitely participate in fundraising. Just contact the directors and Jill Swank to let them know and you can work together to identify a pickup time.

Q: I thought that door to door sales were not allowed by city health directives.

A: We encourage you to do sales with family or friends or via social media. Try taking the money via Paypal or Venmo. Yes, the current Directed Health Measure in Lincoln stipulates no door-to-door sales.

Q: How do we know the amount our student has fundraised?

A: Once the fundraisers are completed, Jill Swank (fundraising chair) will provide a statement for those who sold items to let you now how much was applied to your students account. She will need your approval to apply that amount to your student account. If you happen to raise more than the costume fee & optional donation, fundraising amounts can be applied to the next year.

Q: What percentage or amount do students receive from each fundraiser?

A: For Jet Splash the amounts are listed on the form under the different columns.
For Popcorn, students earn:

  • $5 for the big tin of popcorn, the popcorn chow, and salty dog flavors.
  • $3 for the cheese popcorn,
  • $2 for each a-maize-n mix.

Q: Since facial expressions are such a key performance component, will we be considering purchasing clear plastic-fronted face masks?

A: We will not be using clear plastic-fronted face masks. These masks make it more difficult to breath, they fog up, and when performers are under lights, the glare on the plastic defeats the purpose. The best type of mask to wear to perform is one that provides enough room for the singers mouth to form the shapes and to be able to breath freely.

Q: What does ‘things will be different’ mean exactly?

A: In typical years, without a worldwide pandemic, our year is pretty consistent: choreography in the summer before school starts, musical tryouts first week of school, musical rehearsals in Aug-Sept-Oct, Musical in Oct., Evening rehearsals for Elegance & Express begin on Mondays & Thursdays in Nov., Showcase Show & Fundraiser in December, Boot Camp in Jan., Competitions on most weekends Jan-March, Final Spring Show in March.

But this is not a typical year. LPS made the decision to not have show choirs travel to competitions, a decision made for them in large part due to the cancelation of individual competitions prior to the LPS decision.

However, while we aren’t doing the same thing as every other year, we can think creatively and out of the box as we learn and experience music in new and exciting ways. So it will be different, but the directors and others involved are doing what they can to take advantage of the situation to do things….different!

Q: Will there be ANY competitions?

A: We are aware of the enthusiasm Lincoln East students have for show choir, and during these uncertain times, we want to reduce the pressure to create perfect, competition-ready shows, especially if circumstances change unpredictably throughout the season. After discussing this with directors from many other show choir programs in Nebraska and the Midwest, there is a growing consensus that attending competitions during this current climate would not be in the best interest of our students or our programs.

It will be different this year and require flexibility, but it is not cancelled. We know how important show choir is to our students and community – it’s also important to us! We always have been and will continue to be committed to providing an exciting, positive experience, where all our students can continue to develop their skills and grow as performers.

While there will not be competitions this year, area schools & directors are committed to doing what they can to provide a performance opportunity for the students. Definitely keep the dates of Show Choir Showcase (Dec. 8) & Spartan Spectacular (Jan. 30) on the calendar.

How are 100% virtual students being engaged on a daily basis?

A: With both show choir and marching band, per the district, 100% remote learners in Elegance and Express aren’t able to be a part of the actual class during the day. However, they are certainly able to join in our after-school rehearsals and performances! Elevation is an entirely extra-curricular ensemble, so all students are allowed to participate in rehearsals and performances. We’ve included the following information that we received from the district about this:

Access to extracurricular experience of co-curricular activities Marching Band and Show Choir.

Remote students 100% regardless of risk dial do not attend marching band or show choir classes as remote learners during the school day which includes zero hour classes. Band, orchestra, and choir are academic classes that receive fine arts credit during the school day. These classes are considered co-curricular meaning that band, orchestra and choir have learning extensions (concerts/contests) outside of the school day. Due to the current pandemic situation, students will be allowed to participate in the ensemble as an optional extracurricular activity for evening rehearsals and performances after 3:30 p.m. or weekends for this year only. Students will only contribute to the extent that can be learned in the time they are in extracurricular rehearsals. Students will follow the expectations of the ensemble director in preparing for rehearsal/performances. Parents who agree to have their students join optional after school experiences must sign a separate waiver to allow their child to participate under those protocols because they may be different from the school day options for which a waiver is not required. Once a student returns to in-person learning at school, they will be allowed back into marching band or show choir class with no penalty.