Info & Paperwork

Thank you to EVERYONE who attended the May kick-off meeting. We understand that the current global situation is difficult for us all and a Zoom meeting is not ideal, but we think last night went very smoothly and we hope the information was communicated clearly. Thank you all so much for being flexible and making the best of this experience. We’d like to extend a special thanks to our Lincoln East Vocal Music Boosters president, Melissa Abele, and vice president, Lisa Kasik, for their efforts in taking attendance, supplying and managing the contact info update link, gathering questions, and helping us run the meeting.

We covered a lot last night and this email is another effort to clarify everything you may still have questions about. Included below, you will find the following:

  • All of the paperwork we talked about in the meeting that needs to be read and mailed in (Constitution, Agreement Form, and Travel Release)
  • The slide presentation in PDF format
  • Questions and answers from the chat

A few reminders as we head into the summer:

  • Please read through ALL of the attached documents (including the Q&A) carefully so we can avoid any confusion
  • The paperwork listed below is due by mail on June 15th, 2020 (Constitution is yours to keep after reading, Code of Conduct is signed by students in the Fall, and NSAA participation packet is done online). We cannot order costumes for students until all paperwork is turned in (new this year from administration). If your paperwork is not submitted, it could delay the costume order for the entire group.
    • Parent Student Agreement Form
    • Travel Release Form
  • The NSAA Participation packet must be completed by both parent and student and submitted online through this link:
  • If you have updated your contact info, please do so via this Google Form:
  • Look at all dates in the slide presentation and start working around schedules and notifying directors of any conflicts. Show choir is a team, except we don’t let anybody “ride the bench”. We need you there! 🙂

Show Choir Info Meeting Questions (via Zoom chat)

Q: I’m a freshman SC grandparent! Because auditions have not happened yet, what of the forms, if any, need to be viewed/read/signed now (or before audition/selection happens?

A: You will not need to fill out and submit any forms until your student is officially assigned to a group, after auditions on July 29th (learning day) and August 5th (actual audition day).

Q: If the paperwork is emailed, how would you like it returned?

A: We are only able to send out the paperwork by email at this time, we prefer it to be mailed back. However, if you cannot get access to a printer, please contact both directors and we can get them from you digitally.

Q: If 9th grade students are able to be in Show Choir, will they be able to be part of fundraising?

A: All students in show choir will have the chance to participate in the fundraisers we offer in the Fall, whether in Elevation, Elegance or Express.

Q: Can we pay the full amount at once or only in parts?

A: You are welcome to pay the full amount whenever you would like. If you would just like to pay and be done with the costume fee in July, please do pay all at once! However, we are not able to give refunds, so if you fundraise in the Fall, those funds can be applied to your optional donation or to the following year’s fees.

Q: How does fundraising work in the winter and spring if we already paid the full amount?

A: There are 3 seasons of “fundraisers.” Fall & Spring fundraisers are for individuals to earn toward their costume or optional donation fees, Winter fundraisers are whole group ones that support the program as a whole. Spring fundraisers can be used for the following year’s fees. Fall fundraisers (pie cards, etc) will be earlier in the semester to be able to meet the Nov. deadline. If you anticipate you will be doing fundraising, don’t pay the full amount right away because we cannot give refunds for fees paid. If you raise more than you need, it will be applied as a donation to program as a whole.

Just a reminder that fees are due on the following schedule: July 1 = $100, Aug 1=$150, Nov. 1=remaining amount. Dates for this year’s Elevation might be adjusted due to the late auditions.

Q: Are we going to talk about the Chicago trip fundraising in this meeting?

A: Any fundraisers that happen in Fall or Spring can be applied to Show Choir fees or Chicago Trip.

Q: if we are returning do we still need to update the contact info if nothing has changed?

A: Please still fill out the contact info form so that we are ensured of having your most current info.

Q: I have a particular skill in a certain area, how can I use that to help the program?

A: We are always seeking out talents available to us in our parents. We know there are lots of people with skills we could put to use! Please fill out the volunteer interest form ( to let us know how you would like to help and email either the boosters at or the directors.

Q: Are there still going to be the auditions for the upcoming 9th graders?

A: We are still planning to have auditions for incoming Freshmen. The dates to mark down are: July 29 for learning the choreo and Aug. 5 for the auditions. You can view the calendar of events on our website ( and you can subscribe to our Google Calendar and integrate it into your own calendar to keep up to date!

Q: Can you touch on current guidance from the department about spring fundraisers? When will you decide if we are to return money and cancel, or resume those fundraisers?

A: We will not need to cancel and return money. We are still working with administration on when we can close up Spring 2020 fundraisers due to closures for COVID-19 concerns.

Q: What will be done about awards and etc that usually happens at the end of the year? And seniors?

A: Letters and other awards will be distributed in the Fall for returning students. For those who are Seniors we will get information out as soon as we are able to establish a plan.