Show Choir Info meeting 5/18/21 slideshow

Hello again 2021-22 East Show Choir Families,
Thank you to all who were able to join us on Zoom last night for our info meeting. Getting to see everybody last night got us so excited for all of the cool things we have planned for next school year. It’s going to be so wonderful to return to a sense of familiarity in the vocal music department in the 2021-22 season. Now, we understand that last night there was a lot of information thrown at you, so the purpose of this email is to bring you some more understanding and make things as easy as possible.
As promised, in this message you will find all of the information covered in last night’s meeting regarding paperwork. The slides from last night’s meeting are also attached and that has all of the information about payments, important dates, expectations, and much more! If you weren’t able to join us last night, please read through this information and the documents attached. Always feel free to email us with questions.
Attached to this email is our 2021-22 Show Choir Constitution. Please read this document thoroughly and carefully. When questions come up about policies and procedures, we always refer back to this document. You do not have to return or sign this document. All you have to do is fill out the following Google Form (link below) which will serve as our Constitution Parent Agreement form.
Link: 2021-22 Show Choir Paperwork
This link has four sections to fill out.

  1. Student information
  2. Constitution Agreement (answer “yes” to all and digital signature)
  3. Student Travel Release (answer “yes” to all and digital signature)
    • This gives your student permission to travel with the show choirs next year with LPS provided transportation.
  4. OPTIONAL – Student Driver Release
    • This should be filled out if your student will be driving themselves to any Lincoln show choir events next year.

NSAA Participation Packet
Following the link provided below, please complete the 2021-22 NSAA online participation packet. This is not something that needs signed and turned in. It will all be submitted online. Click the link and scroll down to where you see STEPS 3 & 4. BOTH of these need to be completed. One is for the student and one is for the parent/guardian. If your student is participating in a fall sport, you will need to provide proof of a medical physical exam. However, for show choir, we do NOT require a physical.Link: 2021-22 NSAA Participation Packet
Final Reminders

  • The above “paperwork” MUST BE SUBMITTED BY JUNE 1st
  • First costume fee payment of $100 is due July 1st
  • Please look at dates provided in the slides and plan schedules accordingly
    • The “Performing Arts” and “At-a-Glance” calendars are coming very soon!
  • Get involved with the Lincoln East Vocal Music Boosters!

Thank you all again! We’re looking forward to a fantastic new school year of singing, dancing, and performing for audiences. Again, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to Lisa Kasik (Booster President, email above), Miss Wissink (lwissink@lps.org), or Mr. Zart (azart@lps.org).
-Mr. Zart & Miss Wissink

Aaron Zart
Vocal Music Director
Lincoln East High School
(402) 436-1302

“Lead With Love”

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