2021-22 Ensembles

A few reminders as we post rosters for the auditioned 2021-2022 East vocal ensembles:

Our vocal music program is continually growing. While this is incredibly exciting, our auditioned ensembles have become more competitive. As directors, we take great care in assigning students to each ensemble, working to place students where they will grow both as musicians and individuals. This is truly the most difficult part of our job, and finalizing rosters is definitely a process that we do not take lightly.

When rosters are posted, please remember that other students and parents are receiving this same information, so represent yourself and Lincoln East well in your responses. There will be both excitement and disappointment when rosters are posted. Do not take to social media to voice frustrations or belittle someone else’s joy by coming off as “braggy”. Be kind and be smart. These lists are never really final, and boasting or bad-mouthing is a good way to make your directors put your name on a different list. Lead With Love.

If there are questions about any placement, allow for some processing time. If you have questions, we would encourage you to reach out to Mr. Zart and Miss Wissink via email to set up a time to talk in-person.

Information about auditioned groups:

East Singers is our varsity concert choir and has one of the richest choral traditions in Lincoln. Jazz Choir is a “pull-out ensemble” from East Singers, meeting during the same class period. As such, Jazz Choir members will also be involved in several East Singers rehearsals each week. Jazz Choir is our most selective vocal ensemble, and as such, this group is usually involved in several additional community performances throughout the school year, some of which occur outside of the school day.

With the growing success of our show choirs, we find ourselves with more and more students auditioning. All three of our show choirs have found continued success in competition, and we are thrilled that Elevation, especially, is growing. Next year, Elevation will continue to reflect that growth. The success of all three ensembles is due largely to the fact that students have the opportunity to be involved in show choir all four years of high school. The future is very bright, indeed! It is with great excitement that we look forward to our show choir season next year and beyond! Three Choirs, One Family!

Congratulations to all!

Happy spring break, everyone!

-Wissink & Zart

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