January Choreo Dates, Calendars & More

We hope you have all had some time to spend with families and that you’ve been able to relax a little before we head into the Spring 2021 semester!
In this email, you will find attachments of updated calendars; information about our upcoming All-Girls choreography session on Monday, January 4th; as well as few other details and reminders.

All-Girls Choreography – Monday, January 4th
As you may already be aware, this year we are doing more fun songs in addition to our normal shows. This includes learning a song for ALL of our show choir girls, a song for ALL of our show choir guys, and a song for ALL THREE show choirs. Monday will be our final choreography session for these numbers and we will be finishing work on the all-girls song. This has been on the At-A-Glance Calendars for quite some time now.
Attached in this email you will find a list of names for each choreography session. This will also be put in Google Classroom for all three groups. Session 1 happened last semester and included mostly Express ladies. The rest of the show choir ladies will learn the same choreography on Jan. 4 with Ben Eklund in Sessions 2 and 3. Times for these sessions are listed below. If there are any conflicts, please notify Mr. Zart AND Miss Wissink ASAP. We have some flexibility, but we still need to make sure we are not overcrowding the space due to COVID protocols.

Session 2: 3:30pm-6:15pm

Session 3: 6:45pm-9:30pm
As a reminder, all students should wear their rehearsal shirts. They will use hand sanitizer when they arrive and they will wear face coverings the entire time. During the choreography sessions, students will be spaced 8 feet apart from each other to ensure proper social distancing. As mentioned earlier, we are doing this in multiple sessions so that we do not overcrowd and we can keep everybody safe. The half hour window of time between sessions is to allow air to circulate a bit before the next group comes in (it also allows our choreographers some time to eat their dinner).

At-A-Glance Calendars

Also attached are the updated calendars for the 2021 Spring semester. Please make sure that you refer to these documents regularly and plan schedules accordingly. Rehearsing and performing opportunities are at a premium this season and we want students to get all that they can. Scheduling this year has become quite intricate with COVID protocol; sharing a space with band, orchestra, and theatre; and the moving of our Musical to the spring semester. Like always, if there are any changes, we will be sure to let you all know as soon as we can. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we work together to bring students these meaningful, musical experiences.

One change to be aware of is the date of the “Southwest Showdown”. The new date is Saturday, February 13th.

As you know, we will not be competing this year. However, we are trying to create some collaborative opportunities for our students to perform for people this semester. This includes our “Spartan Spectacular”, “Southwest Showdown”, the new “LPS Show Choir Showcase”, and more. Details about these events will be coming as soon as possible. We want to make sure that we can have these experiences for students, but above all else, we want to make sure that they are safe.

Show Choir Photos
This is a calendar change. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are still waiting for costume pieces to arrive. Without costumes, we cannot take pictures. We are working with our photographer to reschedule a date and time when we will have all of our costume pieces.
That’s all for now!

Thank you all again for your help in creating positive, musical experiences for these amazing, hard-working students.

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