Oct. 5 Parent Update


We are NOT holding the booster meeting tomorrow, as previously scheduled. Due to the Choreography Camp this week, we have decided to cancel the meeting. See below for a few notes. Watch for additional updates soon! We will see you at next month’s meeting on Nov. 10. Thanks!


Jackets are still on sale online. These black jackets with the vocal music logo in the front and wording on the back are a rite of passage for show choir members at East. You will see many of the Sophomores-Seniors wearing them. The link to purchase is below. If you are planning to purchase as a gift, please let us know and we will set it aside for “special delivery.” Jackets are on sale for $65 through Oct. 13, after which the price increases to $80.  https://qrg.four51ordercloud.com/LincolnEastSpartans


Reminder that choreography dates were distributed at the last meeting during the director’s report and are on the website on the Google Calendar. You can also subscribe to the Show Choir google calendar through the website, spartansings.com. Upcoming choreography dates:
Oct. 6-7: All show choir students have been assigned a group time. Check your student’s Google classroom for their assigned time. During this rehearsal, they will be working on a “throwback song” from the Senior Class’ freshman year in Elevation. 
Oct. 12-14: Elevation Choreo Camp, 3:30-9:30 p.m. 
Nov. 10-11: Elevation Choreo Camp, 3:30-9:30 p.m.


We are looking for parents who would be interested in serving on our board in the following ways:

  • Assistant Treasurer: learn about the position of treasurer, assist in preparing budgets/reports for meetings, lead as treasurer for Spartan Spectacular
  • Elevation Parent Rep: we would like 1-2 Elevation parents to serve as reps on the board. You would help organize communication/events for Elevation
  • Assistant for Fundraising: a parent of a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior who could help our Fundraising chair plan fundraising activities through the year.


We are working with Uprise to get new shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, hats, and shoe/costume bags.  Watch later this week for the link to order. We have some exciting new designs! 


Keep an eye on your email, social media & our website for additional announcements about choreography or rehearsal dates and performance dates for First Semester. 
As always, if you have questions, contact me or the directors at lwissink@lps.org or azart@lps.org. Thanks!

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