Music Boosters Updates Aug. 30, 2020

Hello All! This is an email following up on the Director’s Update from earlier this week. This update from the Vocal Music Booster Board comes out regularly to semi-regularly with updates and info for you. The Vocal Music Boosters is the parent organization that supports vocal music at East High.

There is no cost to be a member of the booster group (if your student is in show choir, you already have enough expenses! haha!). But we do ask for time commitments from families to help support our various programs. In a normal year, our primary focus is on the Show Choir Showcase in December, where the choirs present their shows to a full-house audience, then we plan and carry out the growing Spartan Spectacular competition in late January/early February. In addition, we provide assistance to the directors at competitions and other events throughout the year. Parent volunteers also generally provide planning for social events and dinners during choreo camps. In the Spring & Fall, the boosters organize fundraising efforts for both individuals and the group as a whole.

But 2020-21 is an un-normal year, and like everyone else, the Boosters are still feeling out our role in the wake of COVID restrictions within schools and for events. However, even though things are different, that doesn’t mean there is not a lot happening! Following are some reminders for the year that we know about so far. If you have creative suggestions for us as the boosters in how we can provide support and unique opportunities for our choir kids, please let us know! Putting on a program like that at East High takes a great many hands and we love to have more reaching in to help out!

Show Choir Info & Booster Meeting

As the director’s update indicated, we will have our first meeting of the year next Tuesday, Sept. 1, at 7 p.m. Following LPS guidelines, the meeting will be held via Zoom. The Link & ID are included below. We will discuss a variety of items at that meeting, including an opportunity for you to ask questions.

At the meeting, we would like to be able to anticipate any questions or concerns you might have, so please fill out this form with any questions you have ahead of time. That way we can try to address the questions ahead of time. You can submit these questions anonymously or sign your name for followup. Looking forward to hearing your questions!

Contact Melissa Abele, lincolneastshowchoirs@gmail.com or melissaabele@gmail.com for the Zoom code/link.

Questions/Concerns for Meeting

Contact Info Update

We want to make sure to keep in touch with you and have the most recent info for you. If you are reading this email, likely you already shared your email with us. But if you have updates to any of your contact info (ie address, emails, phone, etc) please fill out the form at the following address. This helps us to make sure we have full contact info for your students. If you filled this out after the June info meeting, you will not have to fill it out again (unless you have changes). Thanks so much for helping us to stay current!

Contact Info Update


Just a reminder that fundraising through selling popcorn from A-Maize-N or Car Washes for JetSplash was re-started last week and continues through Sept. 8 or 9 (depending on if your student is an A or B student). I say “restarted” because this was a fundraising effort that started in late February and was on hold while LPS was in shutdown. If you are new to choir or you have not picked up a packet, please see Ms. Wissink or Mr. Zart. For any questions related to the fundraiser, please direct them to Jill Swank, fundraising chair, at jill@swanks.net or fill out the questions form for the meeting on Tuesday so we can address them with the full group.

Choreography Camp

Next week is Express Choreography Camp on Sept. 2-5. Dates for future choreography dates are as follows:


  • September 14th – 3:30-9:30 PM. Men only.
  • October 6th & 7th – 3:30-9:30 PM. The group will be split for which day they come.
  • October 12th, 13th, 14th – 3:30-9:30 PM.
  • November 10th & 11th – 3:30-9:30 PM.


  • October 6th & 7th – 3:30-9:30 PM. The group will be split for which day they come.
  • Other dates TBA


  • September 2nd – 3:30-9:30 PM.
  • September 3rd & 4th – 2:15-9:30 PM.
  • September 5th – 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM.
  • September 14th – 3:30-9:30 PM. Men only.
  • October 6th & 7th – 3:30-9:30 PM. The group will be split for which day they come.

Board Positions

In advance of our meeting next week, we wanted to let you know that the Booster Board is looking for additional members. The current board includes
President (Melissa Abele)
Vice President (Lisa Kasik)
Secretary (Jody Olsen)
Treasurer (Roger & Sara Andersson)
Spectacular Chair (Greg Gates)
Fundraising Chair (Jill Swank)
Parent Reps (Adeana Friesen, Amy Newburn, Dawn Bonness)

We are looking for additional parent reps, an assistant treasurer, and fundraising chair. If you are interested in serving in one of those roles, or any role within the boosters, please let us know! There is a Volunteer Interest Form available for you to tell us about the ways you would like to help out.

Volunteer Interest Form

Show Choir 101

While we will not have regular competitions in the 2020-21 season, there are things happening for our choirs. Just as a reminder (or an introduction) for parents with show choir students, we prepared a manual, Show Choir 101. This document has some information in it you might find useful. You can find the Show Choir 101 Document on our Info & Paperwork page on our website: https://spartansings.com/info-paperwork/.

How to Get In Touch

This year is going to take some creativity and patience. Everyone has been doing well so far. But if you are wondering how to find information, we do have a variety of places to check:

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