Lincoln East Show Choir Announcements

Dear Parents, Students, and Supporters of Lincoln East Show Choir:

We hope that you and your families are having a safe and relaxing Summer. After a lot of discussion, planning and consultation with LPS administration, we would like to share a couple important updates for this year’s show choir season due to the ongoing health crisis.

In-person show choir camps will not occur in August.

We are dedicated first and foremost to the health and safety of our students and believe we can develop a safer method of delivering instruction (small groups, video tutorials, etc.) that does not require bringing together 40-60 students in an enclosed space. We will send out adjusted plans for choreography and revised handbooks in early August. This will give us time to focus on developing a plan for safe and effective rehearsals. It is a possibility that virtual choreography sessions may take place during the scheduled camp times. However, camp dates will not be considered until September.

Lincoln Public School show choirs will not be attending competitions this year.

LPS show choirs are committed to creating a show choir experience this year that allows students to sing and dance safely. This will allow us to be flexible, financially responsible, and – most importantly – safe. Lincoln Public Schools will provide a showcase performance event for all LPS schools and possibly area schools in the spring semester. Making this decision about show choir now means that we can design shows and rehearsal schedules that make sense for the uncertainty of the coming school year. We are aware of the enthusiasm Lincoln East students have for show choir, and during these uncertain times, we want to reduce the pressure to create perfect, competition-ready shows, especially if circumstances change unpredictably throughout the season. After discussing this with directors from many other show choir programs in Nebraska and the Midwest, there is a growing consensus that attending competitions during this current climate would not be in the best interest of our students or our programs.

Show choir is not cancelled!

It will be different this year and require flexibility, but it is not cancelled. We know how important show choir is to our students and community – it’s also important to us! We always have been and will continue to be committed to providing an exciting, positive experience, where all our students can continue to develop their skills and grow as performers.

On a practical note, fees will be greatly reduced and restructured because of the unusual circumstances, and we will communicate all of this in the “Revisions to East Show Choir 2020-2021” document. Costumes, while simplified to reflect the restructured costume fee, will remain an important component of the show choir experience this year.

Please stay safe for the rest of the summer! We are busy planning for the year, and look forward to sharing our plans and seeing students soon!

Lisabeth Wissink & Aaron Zart
Lincoln East Vocal Music Directors

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