Show Choir Info meeting May 14th at 6pm

Hello all!
We are messaging you today to remind you all that we are one week from our show choir info meeting on Thursday, May 14th. The time will be 6:00pm (SIX). This time was altered because we wanted to give families that are involved in both show choir and marching band a chance to attend both meetings that evening. Your attendance at this meeting is very important. We will be covering many things including paperwork, financial expectations, important dates, and MUCH more!
Our meeting will be held via Zoom. This platform will allow for a smooth communication from presenters and allow for us to practice social distancing. The link to the meeting is included below and it will be sent out again on the morning of the meeting. Once you click the link, you will be taken to the “waiting room” where myself, Ms. Wissink, or our booster president, Melissa Abele will let you in. This will help us with tracking attendance and making sure everyone is accounted for. You will also be muted when you enter the meeting. This is not because we don’t want to hear your questions, but because we would like all of the questions to be typed into the chat feature. This will give us a written record of all questions and allow for one presenter to answer questions while the other is speaking. We will be answering as many questions as possible in the meeting, but we will also send out a recap email in the following days that will answer anything we may not have gotten to. Overall, we think this will be an efficient process.
In short:
All show choir families for the 2020-21 school year
Informational meeting about the upcoming year
Zoom link available from Mr. Zart or Ms. Wissink.
To ask questions, know what to expect, and learn all you can about show choir!
We hope to see you all there so we can go over all of the necessary paperwork, expectations for this coming year, financial information, and important dates for the 2020-21 calendar. I have attached the paperwork that we will be going over if you’d like to get a head start.
Mr. Zart & Miss Wissink


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