Room Parent Sign Ups, Booster Meeting & Funds Applied to accounts

Room Parent Sign Ups!

At each competition we ask room parents to provide supervision of the rooms assigned to East at the competition. This week at Midwest Cup we will be assigned rooms in Westbrook Music Building. The parents sit just outside the rooms to ensure only show choir students enter the room, and to make sure the personal items stored in the room are safe. Shifts are set for 2-hour time periods. Please sign up!

Apply Fundraising Funds

A reminder to parents to contact Kathy Duhs if they wish to have fundraising funds applied to their student accounts. Several have paid their costume fees already, so she is still holding on to the funds.  Now that hotel and optional donations have been added, you may want the money applied.

Booster Meeting Next Week!

Next Tuesday, January 14, is our next booster meeting. We will meet in the choir room and the meeting will cover all of the information on Spartan Spectacular. This is one of the most important meetings of the year as Spectacular is our largest endeavor of the year. All students are required to have their family cover 2 shifts of volunteering. It takes everyone’s help to make this event a success!

Midwest Cup & Linn-Mar Competitions

Our show choir competition season kicks off this Saturday with a visit to UNL’s Lied Center for the Midwest Cup. Tickets are still available on the Lied Center website, liedcenter.org.
Performance times for the groups and itineraries for the students will be sent out by Ms. Wissink & Mr. Zart.

Next week we make our first overnight trip in 3 years! The choirs will be competing at Linn-Mar, Iowa. The students will board the bus Friday afternoon and stay overnight in Coralville before competing on Saturday. The hotel the students are staying in, Hampton Inn Coralville, is full, but other area hotels still have rooms available. This will surely be a great opportunity for bonding and to see some of the top show choir talents in the Midwest.

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