Jackets, Valas & Pies

Hello music parents!
Just a quick update on a few items to close out our week. Also, we do not have emails for all band members yet. If you know a band member who is not receiving our emails, or another music parent who would like information on booster events, please let me know and forward this information on to them. Thanks so much!

Jacket Measuring:
Wednesday after school

Orders for Show Choir Jackets will go out in the next week or so. Prior to ordering, your students may like to check out sizes of the jackets. Parent reps for the wearables committee will be in the choir room after school on Wednesday, Oct. 2, from 3-3:30 or so. They will have jackets in a variety of sizes for kids to try on.

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch RSVP:
All Show Choirs and families are invited to celebrate Fall Break at Vala’s. Arrive anytime on Thursday, October 17 – you’ll have to pay your own entrance fee of $12.95/person and bring enough money for any other snacks/food/drink/activities you want. From 5-9pm, the Boosters have reserved Campfire Site #21 and will provide all the fixings for s’mores (at least until we run out). Please sign up below for yourself & any family (guests) who will be attending with you. Can’t wait to see the whole choir family together!!
If you have any questions, please contact Adeana at 402-318-4954.

Pie Card Request:
Our first individual fundraisers will start in October. More info next week, but before that, we need you to request pie cards. Village Inn Pie Cards are sold for $14 each, with $5.50 of profit for your student for each pie card sold. Families who choose to sell pie cards will request them IN ADVANCE through the link to the Google form above in increments of 10 to be checked out on distribution day. By requesting and picking up the cards, you are assuming financial responsibility for that amount of cards. If you pick up 10 cards, you are responsible for returning either $140 or an equivalent combination of money and unsold cards. You will be asked to “sign out” these cards indicating your financial responsibility.

Help us speed up the distribution of VI Pie Cards by completing the agreement at the link above. We will have your cards counted out, labeled with your students’ name, and ready for express pickup at the Booster Meeting on 10/8 or during your student’s music class period on 10/11.

We are also in the process of planning wearables for order, Show Choir Showcase, additional social events, and more fundraisers. Attend the Oct. 8 Booster meeting for more information.

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