Show Choir Schedule-at-a-Glance!

With All-State auditions and The Music Man behind us, our extracurricular energies shift towards Wesleyan Honor Choir Auditions, Solo & Ensemble prep… and show choir.

Please find below our 2018-19 “At-Glance-Calendar” in digital form. All dates have also been added to the calendar. This document should provide families with the vast majority of dates regarding our show choir rehearsal and performance scheduled from now through the end of the school year. It is possible (but unlikely) that we may add one or two additional rehearsals should noteworthy clinicians be visiting us, but consider this the comprehensive extracurricular schedule for these ensembles for the year (with the exception of caroling opportunities that pop up in December, unexpected clinicians, etc). Post it on your fridge, or wherever it’s not possible to miss in your house!

*For returning show choir families, please note that typical Monday evening rehearsals will be 15 minutes shorter than in the past for both Elegance and Express (Elegance starting at 5:45 and Express ending at 9:15). It is the hope that a slightly shorter weekly evening rehearsal might motivate students to be more uniformly on-time, more focused, and use rehearsal time more efficiently. Also, that slightly abbreviating regular Monday rehearsals will make the reality of the season schedule more sustainable for the choir directors & accompanists.

As in the past, evening rehearsals are predominantly on Monday evenings, with some exceptions: to accommodate other East music events (Band & Orchestra), Mondays off from school, or additional rehearsals to focus our preparation towards upcoming performances (Show Choir Showcase, 1st Competition, etc).

It is expected that students make every effort to request these rehearsal days off from work.

The East music staff are very understanding of absences when students have legitimate reasons for being absent (basketball games, swim meets, cheer responsibilities, speech competitions, etc), and have been very flexible in the past. We will continue to be so — we ask that students and families honor our rehearsal schedule and that lack of planning and/or momentary lack of motivation do not become excuses for absences. Should a student have a legitimate reason to be absent, they need only let Mr. Epperson know in advance.

Express and Elegance are capable of having exceptional years (but both groups are not yet rehearsing at the level of intensity necessary for them to reach their significant potential). To achieve the level of performance that we know we are capable of, every effort to attend rehearsals and performances must be made by ALL students and families.

Thank you for your support of your students’ passions in the performing arts.

2018-19 Show Choir At-A-Glance Schedule

2018-19 Show Choir Band At-A-Glance Schedule

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