Fundraising Packets due Friday!

FUNDRAISING PACKETS (Cookie dough and poinsettias only)

Fundraising packets are due this Friday, October 26th. Dawn Bonness will be available at East in the choir room between 2nd and 3rd periods (approximately 9:40 a.m.) and immediately after school at 3:00 p.m. to pick up packets. This is a very busy week for Mr. Epperson and Ms. Wissink with the musical going on, so please have your student turn your packet into Dawn at one of these times.


Please make sure your fundraising envelopes are filled out correctly and the money you turn in matches the amount you sold. We will need you to turn in the fundraising forms for the plants and cookies to make sure we have an accurate count for the final order. It may be a good idea for you to make a copy of your order form before you turn it in in case any questions arise.

Additional information will be coming with reminder of pick up times for cookie dough and plants. Please contact Dawn Bonness if you have any questions or need to make another arrangement to drop off your packet.

Questions to Dawn Bonness


You may continue to sell pie cards. They do not have a turn in date. Donna has requested more cards and once they have arrived we will send an email and start gathering names.

Jackets and Clothing:

We hope to be able to coordinate a delivery time next week. Waiting on just a couple of jackets.

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