NY Travel Itinerary & Rehearsal Schedule

A month from today, approximately 90 East choir students, 15 parent chaperones, 2 directors, 2 accompanists, and an East administrator will be in New York City! With 3rd quarter behind us, I look forward to sharing in this experience with students!

**Ticket Discount Code**
If you are traveling independent of the group but still wish to hear the students’ concert in NYC, or you have friends or family in the area who would like to attend, they can utilize the attached discount code. Please note that the 25% discount expires in two days. Following March 29th, the discounted rate falls to 15%. I truly apologize for not sending this sooner- the tyranny of the immediate seems to reign supreme during show choir season!

**Recent Itinerary**
While not completely detailed, the attached itinerary gives families an idea of what our time in NYC will look like. Saturday afternoon’s “free time” will include a trip to One World Observatory and a group dinner. Sunday afternoon’s & Monday morning’s free time may include a walk to Central Park and/or some time for shopping and general exploring (within reason!).

**Pre-Trip Meeting**
ALL families with students going on the New York City trip will be expected to attend an informational meeting in the music wing on Tuesday, April 10th at 8PM (following our Vocal Music Boosters’ monthly meeting at 7PM) to talk through details and expectations of this trip. Plan on attending!

**Morning NYC Rehearsals**
With our time in NYC close upon us, it will be important for students to be musically prepared! While music was ordered a month ago… it is slated to arrive tomorrow! While we have been and will be learning some of this music in students’ choir classes, with singers coming from all of our curricular choral ensembles, it will benefit us all to sing together before NYC. As such, we are providing students the opportunity for morning rehearsals at 7:15AM most mornings following our upcoming break until our departure to NYC. To ensure we are prepared for our time in New York City, attendance at at least two-thirds of these rehearsals will be required! Please find attached our morning rehearsal schedule.

A reminder that at this point in time, trip payments are nonrefundable. Per previously shared information from our tour company, Manhattan Concert Productions, students who drop at this point in time are responsible for the entirety of the cost of their trip (even if not yet paid to the school), and no moneys may be refunded. Please plan accordingly!

NYC Choir Morning Rehearsal Schedule

NYC Concert Ticket Discount Code

NYC General Itinerary

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