Itinerary & Complete Schedule for Millard North “Galaxy of the Stars”

Galaxy of the Stars Schedule

The final show choir competition of 2017-18 is upon us! It has been a momentous journey, and I am so proud of the accomplishments of our students over the course of the year. Much more so than any trophy, award, recognition, or placement, I have been proud when I see students go out of their way to be kind to others. I have been proud when I see performance skills improve over time. I have been proud when I see students take ownership for their mistakes. I have been proud to make music with these students each day and week… since August (or October, or June!). I hope spirits, focus, and energy level remain through Saturday… then it’s spring break!

As per usual, please find attached the detailed itinerary and complete schedule for this Saturday. Also per usual, this information can also be found on my teacher WordPress site: http://wp.lps.org/beppers2/blog/2018/03/05/millard-north-galaxy-of-the-stars-itinerary-schedule/
Hard copies will be available for interested students on Tuesday.

A couple of specific notes regarding this weekend:
-When students are gathering at East Saturday morning, they are to park at Seacrest, not in the south staff lot (as students often do on show choir Saturdays). More specifically, students are expected to park on the far side of the Seacrest lot. I know, I know, it’s not what show choir students are used to on Saturdays we travel, but as East is hosting both State Basketball and Speech on Saturday, we need to be conscientious team-players and not unnecessarily utilize East’s more convenient parking spots. Thank you for attending to this important detail.

-Choir Rosters for the 2018-19 school year will be posted Sunday afternoon on my LPS teacher website: wp.lps.org/beppers2
Please know that this is the single most challenging component of my and my colleagues’ job each year. Per the information I shared with those parents present at our booster meeting February 13th, we trust that students and parents will respond to the results with professionalism and civility. If students would like feedback following audition results, I encourage the student to speak with me in person the Monday following break to understand what our 6 judges saw and heard from their audition. All those who access social media in any way are reminded to utilize it positively and appropriately (please see the attached THINK poster).

Itinerary for Millard North 2018

2018 Galaxy of the Stars High School Competition Schedule Final

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