Sioux City East competition March 3!

Looking to this Saturday, please find attached the detailed itinerary and complete schedule for traveling to Sioux City East this Saturday. This information has also been posted to my teacher website: http://wp.lps.org/beppers2/blog/2018/02/26/sioux-city-east-sing-all-about-it-2018-itinerary-schedule/
I have also posted these items to Express, Elegance, and Show Choir Band’s Google Classroom. Hard copies will be available to students starting Tuesday.

As we are traveling via Charter Bus, we are offering parents the opportunity (as we have in past years) to ride along. For those who are planning on being at the competition for the entirety of the day, traveling via the charter busses can make the day more pleasant (no wear-and-tear on your car, no gas money, and you can relax by watching a movie or reading a book instead of driving!). If you would like to ride one of the charter busses Saturday, please sign-up online via the Sign-Up Genius link.

The remainder of this season will go quickly- enjoy it to the end! It is a joy to make music with East students daily, and I hope we all remain joyfully engaged through the final weeks of this competition year!

Itinerary for Sioux City East 2018

Sioux City East UPDATED Schedule 2018

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