Spartan Spectacular Meeting Tuesday

The next Booster meeting is this coming Tuesday, January 9th, 7 p.m. in the choir room. The meeting will focus on Spectacular and it is a required meeting. Volunteer t-shirts will be available to pick up at the meeting. You may either purchase one for $5 or borrow one and return it after the event.

If you haven’t signed up for a volunteer slot please remember to do so. Each family is responsible for a minimum of two shifts.

Right now we have zero ushers for the 2:45-7:00 pm slot. Ushers work crowd control in the auditorium – meaning you get to watch the performances. Also, we have zero Equipment room volunteers.

We also need stage crew and parking for the same time slot and most of the evening slots are light on volunteers.


The remaining orders from Uprise are in the choir office. Please have your student pick up or you can pick up yourselves on Tuesday night.
Garment bags: Findlay, Riddle, Ballentines, Anderson.
Clothes: Free t-shirts for Linafelter, Heller and Abele because of delay in production.
Remaining clothes: Sistel, Cole, Weber and Chebuhar.

Dawn Bonness will have Jimmy’s Eggs cards for students still wanting to do additional “cash” fundraising.
There are a limited amount of cards and the fundraiser will run similar to Jet Splash in that the student will collect the cash and use it directly for their NYC trip or Show Choir payments. No money will run through the Booster organization. So please do not take checks in the name of Lincoln East Vocal Music.
This is our last fundraising prior to the NYC trip.

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