Showcase Week!

TICKET SALES: Advance ticket sales is now closed. Tickets and bid numbers will be delivered to students today (Tuesday). We are selling tickets to East students today (Tuesday) who want to come see their friends and support Vocal Music. We will have all remaining tickets available for sale the night of the event.

EXTRA TICKETS: Anyone who requested extra tickets may have them. Assume you will get them unless you hear otherwise. I will monitor the amount of extra tickets available and inform you if they are NOT available. Showcase is a great venue for friends and family to come watch. It’s way shorter than a competition and you can actually watch all three choirs in a short span of time. I highly recommend coming to Showcase for your family members.

We could use some volunteers. Our main need is for Runners after the event to pick up the baskets and deliver.

SILENT AUCTION BASKETS: And don’t forget this is a huge fundraiser for us. We have fantastic silent auction baskets. Winners will be posted the night of Showcase once we pull the sheets. You can find the list of baskets up for bid here: Showcase Baskets

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